Christian is a Multimedia Designer who has worked for clients such as Hulu, Netflix, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros.




HI! My name is Christian Rivera, I'm a natural introvert who understands the needs and difficulties of other introverts looking to make their own way. Good branding is a way to step out of your shell, quality video helps too but isn't necessary. Maybe podcasting is your thing? I want to provide services for those who don't want to be bothered with it or be a resource for someone who needs coaching and a means to learn more about themselves to gain some direction.

I'm a Multimedia Designer and have been for nearly 20 years; based in Rochester, NY. Hailing from Philadelphia, PA where I spent the first 25 years of life. I spent most of my teenage years learning graphic design, web design, video editing, and audio production through my love of Dragonball Z. My family has their own ad agency, which served as a ripe opportunity to test my growing skills with real clients.

After High School I went to ITT Tech for Multimedia then later The Art Institute of Philadelphia for Graphic Design. I worked for WPHL-TV before moving to San Diego, CA. where I spent the next 7 years working for FOX 5, Legend Films, Stradella Road and American Specialty Health as a Graphic Designer, Data Technician, Visual Designer and Multimedia Designer, respectively.

Now I live in Rochester as a full-time freelancer and creator. I aim to help people, that's what I do. 

Thinking in a different way...that's my super power. 

Truth is, the ideas and information that I share on at scale doesn't always map to individual needs...

So, one-on-one consulting allows us to work together to solve your

specific problems as it pertains to design, branding, marketing, video,

social media or podcasting.


I love helping people define their passion, promote their personality, and share tools that business owners and freelancers can use to further their client reach and remove the barriers we put upon ourselves.


I know all too well that there are so many road blocks to getting where you want to go. Every day I aspire to help creators try new things, realize their dreams and create the life they've always wanted.

I create video as a means to show your clients and even you, as the business owner, what your event or business looks like from the outside-in. 

Allowing me to create a Vlog-style video for your event, shop, or brand is the most effective way for customers to see who you are and what you offer.

Design is the epicenter of everything that I do. I started designing when I was a young teenager attempting to build websites about my favorite anime, Dragonball Z. I would take the source code and recreate websites the way I wanted them to look and function. Through that I learned Photoshop to create images I loved.

I've since translated those learnings into print and digital designs for clients such as Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Netflix and Hulu.

The psychology of layout, color choices, image placement, copywriting, context, and how people absorb content are all areas that continue to fascinate me with every project! Let's work together to create content for you!



Having a photographer cover your event is wonderful for creating memories for your team while also serving as AMAZING content. Content that you can share with attendees of your event, those who couldn't make it to the event and recap content leading up to the next event.

My bread and butter in the world of photography is events! I love capturing the happy looks on people's faces, laughs, and interactions as they're roaming the halls and chatting away! I've covered health care conferences, San Diego Comic Con, WonderCon in Anaheim and art gallery shows!

Audio is a big deal. TV lives on through social video in Facebook Lives and Instagram stories. Radio lives on through Podcasting, music, and audio assistants like Alexa or Google Home. Audio has the advantage of requiring less attention to consume...allowing room for cooking, driving, and working out.

Someone with a personal brand, expert in a field of study or just an entertaining person you should definitely have a podcast. I can help you learn how to set up a podcast, work with you on structure, and even create a theme song for you!



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